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What is the Drug Endangered Children Program (DEC) ?

The DEC Program is a multi-agency approach to assist and protect drug-endangered children whose lives are jeopardized by their families illegal manufacturing, sales, possession and use of drugs in the home.

The purpose of the Drug Endangered Children Response Team is to intervene on behalf of children who have been exposed to methamphetamine or toxic chemicals as a result of residing in a home-based illicit clandestine drug laboratory and to vigorously prosecute the offending adults. The DEC Response Team will provide a comprehensive county response by Child Protective Services, The District Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Department,  and Public Health Nursing Agencies. This cooperative effort responds to incidents of Drug Endangered Children, ensuring safety to child victims and penalties to the adults who endanger them.

A few key services provided to children:

  • Comprehensive medical screening and follow -up
  • Drug screening
  • Mental and dental care treatment
  • Background Checks and home-evaluation for possible placement
  • Removal from toxic chemical exposure and drug environments

See our
Community Response Vehicle
If you suspect the manufacturing of methamphetamine, especially where children may be involved, please contact the METH Hotline at 1-877-955-METH (toll free)

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