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Dangers to Children Living at Meth Labs:
Children Found in Meth Lab Homes

Description of two cases as sited in a NDIC Report, stating the living areas and physical condition of the children found in meth lab homes.

The five children ranged in age from 1 to 7 years old. The one-bedroom home had no electricity or heat other than a gas stove with the oven door opened. Used hypodermic needles and dog feces littered areas of the residence where the children were found playing. Because there were no beds for the children, they slept with blankets underneath a small card table in the front room. The bathroom had sewage backed up in the tub, leaving no place for the children to bathe. A subsequent hospital exam revealed that all the children were infected with hepatitis C. The youngest was very ill. His liver was enlarged to the size of an adult's. The children had needle marks on their feet, legs, hands, and arms from accidental contact with syringes.

At another lab site, a 2-year-old child was discovered during a lab seizure. Her parents both abused and manufactured methamphetamine. She was found with open, seeping sores around her eyes and on her forehead that resembled a severe burn. The condition was diagnosed as repeated, untreated cockroach bites.

Used hypodermic needles, razor blades and methamphetamine laying within reach of inquisitive children.
This is an poisoning waiting to happen. Plastic soda bottles are frequently used to store methamphetamine in solution, acids, or even urine which can be recycled later.

Source: Text based on NDIC Report
Photos: Riverside Sheriff Dept Special Investigative Bureau

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