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Hazards of Methamphetamine Production:

Typical Chemicals Found in Lab Sites Common Legitimate Uses Poison Flammable  Toxic Vapors Explosive Corrosive Skin Absorption Common Health Hazards
Acetone Fingernail polish remover, solvents X X X     X Reproductive disorders
Methonol Brake Cleaner fluid, fuel X X X     X Blindness, eye damage
Ammonia Disinfectants X   X   X X Blistering, lung damage
Benzene Dye, varnishes, lacquers X X   X X X Carcinogen, Leukemia
Ether Starters fluid, anesthetic X X   X     Respiratory Failure
Freon Refrigerant, propellants X   X   X   Frostbite, Lung damage
Hydriodic Acid None X   X   X X Burns, Thyroid Damage
Hydrochloric Acid(HCL Gas) Iron ore processing, mining X   X   X X Respiratory, Liver Damage
Iodine Crystals Antiseptic, Catalyst X X   X X   Birth Defects, Kidney Failure
Lithium Metal Lithium batteries X       X X Burns, Pulmonary Edema
Muriatic Acid Swimming pool cleaners X   X   X   Burns, Toxic Vapors
Phosophine Gas Pesticides X   X     X Respiratory Failure
Pseudosphedrine Cold medicines X           Abuse: Heart Damage
Red Phosphorus Matches, fireworks X X X X     Unstable, Flammable
Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaners, lye X   X   X X Burns, Skin Ulcers
Sulfuric Acid Battery Acid X   X   X X Burns, Thyroid Damage
Toluene Paint, thinners, solvents X X X X   X Fetal Damage, Pneumonia
Liquid Lab Waste None X X X X X X Unknown long term effects

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