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What we learned about clandestine lab fires

The average lab cooker will cook meth 48 to 72 times a year risking fire and explosion each time.

According to our data, the typical lab cooker, who cooks meth about once a week, will likely experience a lab fire at some point within a 36-month period.

If a lab fire starts there is a 1 in 5 chance that their neighbors will not know!

At least 20% of clandestine lab fires go unreported to local emergency fire services.

If a lab fire starts, there is a great chance that the suspects will flee without warning others possably including their oun children.

If the meth lab is located in an apartment complex and a fire occurs, the risk to unsuspecting neighbors is greatly multiplied since many apartments share common stairways, ventilation systems, and common walls, especially between bathrooms.

One-third of our surveyed cookers admitted to experiencing multiple lab fires!

Statistically, both the early mornings of Tuesdays and Wednesdays present the greatest chance for lab explosions and fires for children.

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